A mind in search of a passion

As a 7th grader, Anya was still trying to find something in school that energized and expanded her learning. Beneath a shy exterior, there was an intelligent and independent girl trying to find a subject that she could feel passionately about.

Raising her hand and her voice

On a Girls Inc. of Holyoke field trip to Mount Holyoke College, Anya took a workshop with a professor on ground water distribution and geological formations.

A light went on. Intrigued by the methods to measure and track groundwater contaminants, Anya asked multiple questions. She had follow-up discussions with our staff about how she could learn more, and about studying STEM fields in college.

Eureka! Discovering a fascination for science

We encouraged Anya to look into Eureka! – our program that expands science and technology learning among girls. It was the perfect fit. Throughout her first Eureka! summer, she built friendships and didn’t miss a day of the program. She started spending time doing lab work in a white coat and goggles. Dinner table conversation at home started to include scientific terminology when she was asked what she had learned that day.

Learning spreads like wildfire

With her love of science established, Anya now wants more challenges and more opportunities. She’s at the Teen Center most days, when she’s not practicing field hockey. She volunteers to represent Girls Inc. at events. Anya  has finally found a place where her natural curiosity and intelligence can grow.

Do you know a girl looking for the right challenge?

There are many girls out there who need the right place to expand their knowledge and achieve new levels of learning. Whenever you find one, make sure you mention Girls Inc. of Holyoke.


Our mission is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold by providing them the opportunity to develop and achieve their full potential.