Call to Artists: Inspire & Be Inspired

Girls Inc. & Plunge Arts invites Holyoke artists to participate in a Connect with Art Workshop.

This one day workshop will bring Holyoke artists together with young students who attend the Girls Inc. after-school and summer camp programs. Each artist will be paired with two or three girls and given the chance to share the work they do, their inspiration, and skills through art-making activities.

What you give:
- One morning to make art and connect with a small group of girls in the beautiful ballroom at Holyoke City Hall

What you get:
- The chance to inspire and engage with local young people through your art
- Participation in a group exhibition at Paper City Gallery in Holyoke
- A new connection with Holyoke artists and organizations
- Support from Plunge Arts to consider how to share your work &  inspiration with the students

For more information and to apply, please visit

Application due 7/15/16

Our mission is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold by providing them the opportunity to develop and achieve their full potential.